The Weekly Religion Roundup | Issue 1

Friday, October 13, 2017

WHAT I WROTE: Article(s) published online this week…

I’m Ready to Start Writing Again
In this write-up, I share why I took an extended break from writing and how my desire to craft a novel has inspired me to start again. From my blog post: Something new is happening for me creatively, and I want to chase after it. I have decided to start with one of the stories that has most arrested my heart and attention. It involves a young woman who has experienced tremendous loss in her life and has, as a result, become broken and destitute. Her situation leads to an unavoidable transition that tests her faith in the Divine, her sense of self and her understanding of her role in the world. (Click here to read the article…)

WHAT I READ: Articles about religion that I found fascinating and share-worthy:

College Professors Aren’t Killing Religion 
“… a bevy of recent academic work casts doubt on the idea that college experience directly undermines religious identity (even if the studies do not all come to precisely the same conclusion). A pair of University of Texas sociologists argue that ‘the religious belief systems of most students go largely untouched for the duration of their education.’ They suggest that, instead, students’ religious lives lie dormant, ‘waiting to be awakened’ upon graduation. Another study found that while education did seem to have a negative impact on religiosity at one point, this is no longer the case. Still other research suggests that religious values neither increase nor decrease so much as they are ‘reexamined, refined and incorporated” with other beliefs.'” | Via FiveThirtyEight

How fights over Trump have led evangelicals to leave their churches 
“About 15 percent of those who believe that American politics has become divisive left their political houses of worship. Of those who don’t think politics is inherently divisive, close to none left their political house of worship. For some, any mention of politics seems divisive, and they wish to leave it behind at worship. Others don’t mind some mention of politics, but are disturbed by mention of particular political disagreements.” | Via The Washington Post

How Mindfulness Meditation Can Save America 
“To appreciate this potential, you have to understand how subtle the psychology of tribalism is. Tribal psychology involves, at one level, some obvious ingredients: rage, vengeance, loathing—the kinds of raw emotions you might imagine when you imagine tribes literally at war. But the psychology of tribalism also involves—in fact, I’d say, it mainly involves—cognitive biases that warp our perception of the world.” | Via Wired

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Things I would’ve read this week if there were more hours in the day…

JSTOR Daily: How Buddhism is Being Used to Justify Violence in Myanmar

Religion & Politics (A Washington University in St. Louis Publication): The Russian Orthodox Church: Putin Ally or Independent Force?How Trump’s presidency reveals the true nature of Christian nationalism

The Wabash Center: The Race to End Racism: Is the Academy in the Race?

Pew Forum: US Protestants Are Not Defined by Reformation-Era Controversies 500 Years Later

ThinkProgress: How Trump’s Presidency Reveals the True Nature of Christian Nationalism

That concludes this week’s list, but do not despair! There will be another list next week. In the meantime, please feel free to share with us: What religion articles did you enjoy reading this week?